Sunday, October 12, 2008


THANOS came to Jeremiah today. Said he needed a drink. Time was, THANOS was awesome. Some wise bartender put on this clip for the Madripoor faithful. Unlike when that Gray Hulking Dude came to town, no one thought of running for their lives. This is Madripoor movie night THANOS special:

Even a god need a job in an economic downturn. Last time Marvel went bust, Thanos was project manager for a house clearing re-development. Give that titan a broom and he sweeps almost everyone out. Time later, when marvel/dc got tired, Thanos was the interior re-designer...of a cosmick kind. He re-arranged all the furniture and anyone sitting on them sofas were re-decorated. House of M? You got to be kidding, Thanos bawled. "Been there, done all that and I got several sequels too!" And the merry titan reminded all who would listen that he got to kick the asses of Thor, Herc, Thing and that Hulk. Bad-ass. Madripoor can only look in wonder. Someone with a bahasa slang dared to ask, "Scarlet Witch? Apa binatang tu?" Everyone wanted to buy Thanos a drink.

Time now, in one of those bad sequels of an economic downturn, Thanos is forced to reprise his brawl with Thor for bread. If you think Mike Tyson was dealt a bad hand in life, the following makes the grown men in Madripoor weep:

Time was, Thanos was slamming the shit out of all challengers in Ipoh. I remembered he had this move where his hands became like this big whammo and anyone/anything below get splatt. Old boxers should never seek a return to the ring. No matter how bad the times. No matter how big the purse. Rocky Balboa you've been warned. (enough of the lousy sequels!!!) Now, leave the titan alone. Let that divine, who hail from a time where comics were the bridge to the infinite cosmic imagination, rest. Let the titan contemplate his death. By the end of the day, that's all a god have. His death.

THANOS: Last heard exiting the pub and heading to the arcades. (no man, no gods should be treated this way! screamed a madripoor REBEL to all who would bother to listen...) (to hell with camus...)

IN MEMORIAM: The one who posted as Screwtape. (Typical exit, not unexpected.) (One last time: Hang tak bersetuju!)


Uncle Screwtape said...

Thanks for visiting the new blog. Nope. It's not terra exclusiva. Just a new blog is all.

I miss Thanos too. :)

As for the pub, hey, it's all yours now...

pltypus said...


...pltypus last seen heading for that Starbucks at the edge of time, having a great time. And stubbornly so.

(La Tey last heard still waiting for Godot...)(Thanks for the babelicious gorillas, it was a blast.)

(Screwtape?) (The bloke got screwed...)(!)(Now heard, he got bagged...)(...and boarded.)

(The mutants past and present? They will live forever as long as kids step into a used bookstore and discover...)(excelsior!)

(Germanic Theology...shelved due to Oktoberfest.)

(Rock Will Never Die.) (only wimps bailed out...)

(Sci-fi movies will be watched & re-watched) (and watched again.)(Till the final scene in blade runner becomes Truth.)

(IPOH, BeePee, JayBee,KL) (Memories are made of these..)

(Posturing...)(apa binatang tu?)
(Re-read or recall the very first entry of that seldom seen not heard pltypian sage.)

(Logan. Patch. Wolvie.)(For the courage to be.)

(Hulk, gray) (for the humor)

(Analytical comics review.) (for exposing how some people can't even write an article to save their butts.)

(Great artist of superior comic craft.) (No one can deny them.) (stylized or otherwise.)

(Superior Comic Craft) (They exist!)

(God.) (His death.)

(Camus)("There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn.")

(and Madripoor?) (Will always remain a refuge from the storm.)

And NO thanks to:
Morons. B. Sc (honk!)
You know who you are. Pissed off.

(Still don't get it?) (Start reading from the beginning.)

Pablo said...
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