Friday, August 22, 2008


Sometimes it just happen.
Walk into Kino the other day and picked up Memories by Bilal. Swore can't find this anywhere else I tried. Not even online order. Took me a while to actually read it but Starbucks and Kenya did the trick. Also it was the Starbucks at the end of the Garden. Lots of desperate situation where desperate people/non-people cling on to power or whatever is left of it. The results is often annihilation. Nothing new here.
Walk into this anime shop as a second thought at Midvalley and picked up Otomo's Memories. Unbelievable. That is so unreal. The last time I peek at Memories was 1999. Then it was a badly spun vcd with no stop function. Go figure. Never seen Otomo's Memories anywhere else. Swore never even tried to find it subconsicously. There I was with Memories in dvd. No difficulty in popping in the disc for a massive full viewing. No difficulty in letting anime images of sci-fi darkness beat my mind into pulp. No. No difficulty at all. Otomo did Akira. Now Otomo has blasted my mind to slush. I can't be thankful enough.
*That's superior film craft yew suckers!

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