Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shesha With Friends

Four blokes met over the weekend for talks on liberation, angst, comics, art, technology, books, church, food, Oprah, and history. We also had shesha and salted-Coca Cola. Good times. :)

In attendance were Pltypus, La Tey, Melvin and yours truly. Some said that pagan gods were looking down on us (outside the panels). Pltypus hated them and complained that their presence were "too convenient". La Tey was fast asleep but apparently heard every word spoken! Yours truly marvelled at the Angst-less Pltypus who is at peace with many things (though he charges a virtual 80 bucks for every virtual counselling session). Melvin provided the sound-bites, drove us around and took photographs. Somewhere in de olde England, Warren Ellis had an orgasm because we deconstructed his writings on lizard-love. Like I said, good times...

: Back to work today. Recovering from three sleepless nights and too much lizard-loving...

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