Friday, August 22, 2008

Crazy Geography

Had fun teaching Form 3 Geography today. Last day of the Intensive Classes. Students were stoned out of their brains already. As for me, I was so exhausted after an entire week of wrestling with the terror-toddlers at the other center that it was like a breath of fresh air taking a class of hormone-fried adolescents. We discussed Greenwich Mean Time, weed in Amsterdam, the wonders of shesha, liberal parenting, National Population Growth, how-to-be-a-pirate, and why birth-control methods are frowned upon by institutionalized religion! I devoured 1/4 pounds of beef (if you believe McDonald's advertising for their Quarter Pounder) for lunch and had a business meeting with my boss.

La Tey wrote to me and we both had a good time laughing at Pltypus' machismo-act (funny thing is, we're pretty damned sure that he's laughing at us at the same time). La Tey is also on a marathon. He's watching "Nip/Tuck" like his eternal soul (whatever is left of it) depends on it. Never mind that he's 4-5 years late as usual. What's important is the obvious passion he's exhibiting over this mind-fuck of a series. Honestly, I'm still of two minds over this newly liberated version of La Tey. In truth, this is probably the true La Tey - just buried underneath after years of mental-conditioning by evangelical fucks like "The Navigators". Maybe he's really finding himself now through the labyrinth of sexual liberation and the lessons learned from Amsterdam, Berlin and Bangkok. Perhaps that's why my "Xavier Syndrome" (don't ask!) doesn't even surprise him in the slightest. Note: This is the state of affairs at Jeremiah's. When we're not laughing at SIN fundies, we're busy laughing at each other. One of my colleagues asked for the URL to my blog some weeks back. He started reading some of the entries here and couldn't make sense of anything. He gave up. We're still friends. But he probably thinks I'm crazy anyway. That's ok. I wasn't expecting him to accompany me to fight Sauron in the Land of Mordor anyway. Not entrusting my life in his hands anytime soon.....

Nothing fazes me today. It's a beautiful day and it's raining outside. I'm looking forward to the weekends. Reading Wen Rui-An's novels (my Chinese is getting rusty, really!) and excited about my family vacation next week... :)

: Check out my student, Melsa Tan'er's blogs. She's a really cool girl who plays a mean Ovation guitar and sings like a fallen angel.

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nanin said...

I checked out Wiki for Cheng Ho,
way interesting lah!

-Nazneen from intensive class