Saturday, August 23, 2008


MEMORIES: I took the LRT on a weekend. My mistake. Its nearly possible to get in at non-descript station like Pasar seni but it a rugby scrum at high profile KLCC. Now let's talk about the getting out. The EXIT. There's NO EXIT. Its humanely possible to ride all the way to Kelana Jaya if one is adverse to the next Malaysian Guisness World Record of Inter-racial-Sardines-Mash. Life as a handicapper, I've only one working knee forbid me from even hinking of attempting to diembark from the LRT. If you think Vinni Jones is Mr. Horror on his meat train, try taking the LRT on a weeened. Actually it's quite a view at Kelana Jaya.
I took the commuter train to Mid-Valley. My mistake. Did I mention it was on a weekend? Only a single sheet of tempered glass and beaten steel prevent the mass of humanity on either side of the train door to become the next mess of Inter-racial-tuna-salad. If the politicians would stop reading Malaysiakini for a while and observe how society actually intergrate during every tain stops, my word, I believe the railway would be the mode of transport for any hookum who wants power. It's not difficult to ride from Mid-Valley to Rawang, imagine the number of votes one can get when humanity has nowhere to go but just ride on...
The more learned in SIN can never afford such n integration. At worst it's only a 45mins ride from one end of Madripoor to the other butt end. At best, you can't vene warm your seat. It's called efficiency. Best in Asia and attempting to get credit for being best in the world. They just have to try. To be the best is not a motto but the be all and end all. It's also a sign of poor sexual drive. Did you know the birth rate has dropped due to the crusade against unborn foetus? Anyway back to the trains, the MRT. Even in the worst station on the worst peak hour jam, one CAN enter and one CAN exit. One has to admire the social genius of engineered living when even the instructions are painted on the floor. Now why is that not a bad thing? If the Commuter/LRT blokes are listening in, no one ever needs to stop at Kelana Jaya and Rawang again. The price? Get engineered. Program them folks on how to stand and where to stand. Walk when you are told. Stop when you are not allowed to move. Be led by the mighty rules and regulations. Then claim yew are ze best in ass-see-yah.
Don't step on the lie/line
Did you know how gullible people can be today? Draw some yellow line on the floor and soon people start believing there are lines you can't cross. Don't believe the lie. Blokes still jammed the doors during peak hours. Difference here is there's just stinky engineered souless lab rats. NO danger of Malaysia losing the Inter-racial-sardines/tuna-mash world record.
Did you know fear is a testament? Yes, fear gave birth to undang-undang dan pentadbiran. Do you know without these testaments people can be mis-led and actually get confused? The Heralds must be wondering why the de-reformed can get away with the meta definition of Gd in the various meta-moronic-application of Calvin's Lord in sins-sin land. Coz in the land of ketuanan The tribe in power are afraid. They are very much in fear that the word used in context can be a confusion to the followers who have never understood their own context. Perhaps the Herald may want to get reformed/defprmed. Why fight it? When one can get away with it? Just continue publishing using the meta-definitive-reformed-tetragamanoonical-hysterical-until-my-nuts-get-sore-goodness-to-honest-god. No one can get confused when you tell the truth.

without rules&regulations people get confused

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Uncle Screwtape said...

I think Pak Lah read your post and took your advice. He was last seen trying to get a seat on the KTM Komuter...

~ Edmund