Monday, August 25, 2008


Once the King of Petra coughed and soon they were soundbites all over the land...
(najib is finished!) (follow the link: Mumtaz Jaafar...) (...and the rest is history.)

Soundbites is brought to you by a quiet little man inside a square, trying to make his way in the world.

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Uncle Screwtape said...

Accountant in Melbourne mistook Pltypus for A Little Taffer.

Accountant actually went out for dinner with A Little Taffer the last time - Asia Cafe, SS15. A Little Taffer had crabs and Accountant had fried mushrooms.

Funny thing was, Accountant used to hand around with Pltypus at the basketball court. Today, he can't tell the difference between Pltypus and A Little Taffer... *sigh* Maybe it's all the Accounting that he had to do? Maybe it's married-life? Maybe it's Melbourne?

~ Edmund