Monday, August 25, 2008

Back To HSDS

I return to HSDS once every year or so. Used to do it more often. I think it's still at least once a year (La Tey, correct me if I'm wrong). No, I don't dance. Much. It's just something to do with my mental development (or regression). So much of my values were formed by HSDS that it's odd to stay away for long. No, I don't dance. Much.

It's polling day at Permatang Pauh. This is, by far, the most exciting, violent and decisive by-election ever in Malaysian history. We've all heard the news - endless Quran-swearings, character assassinations, fluctuating fuel-prices, the ACA case, bomb scares, smearings, etc. A Little Taffer's got his own take on the whole thing with references to The Matrix and the Walls of Jericho. I read and smile. Not much different from reading the Daily Papers. Sometimes Jeremiah Blues make more sense than "objective reporting". Results will be out tonight. But I'm not exactly optimistic. We live in a world where A Little Taffer was mistaken to be Pltypus by some Accountant who claimed to know them both. You think voters can tell the difference between the candidates and what they stand for?

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