Friday, August 22, 2008

"I'm With Stupid!"

I sent some virtual Starbucks to some virtual friends on Facebook this morning. They told me that the virtual Starbucks tasted amazing.

Some bloggers decided to fly the virtual Jalur Gemilang upside-down on their blogs. PM was furious and declared that these bloggers (including fellow Jeremiah Blues' Inner Circle friend, Melvin) were "EVIL".

Some months back, we had a virtual war with some blokes in SIN over the blogosphere over virtual values and the use of the word "fuck". This is the latest in Reformanda's ongoing crusade against Dynamic Equivalent Bible Translations:

Or how about the Hokkien Beng version. Maybe we can translate Mt. 23:13 this way:

F--- you, scribes and Pharisees, wayang-kings! You b-----ds stop people from going to heaven. You m-----f---ers dun wan go in still stop others from coming in.

I apologize for those who are offended, but this is the type of logical end of the D-E methodology of "render[ing] accurately the meaning of the original language in its receptor language". So if the receptor language is the degenerate street language peppered with at least one vulgarity per sentence, then the "bible version" should be made so that we can "render accurately the meaning of the original language" in THAT particular receptor language as well. A "bible" peppered with vulgarities? Probably not that far off if the visible Church continues to degenerate.

Truth be told, I think I'll be little offended by a Jesus who says "Fuck" or "bastards" or "motherfuckers". However, I am grossly offended by a stuttering Jesus who says stuff like "F--you" or "You b-----ds" or "You m-----f---ers". This Jesus is nonsense. He can't even put two words together to form a sentence. Hahaha! Religious people always do this for words that they do not dare pronounce. Remember they did the same shit with God's name? We ended up with the Tetragrammaton. Now, Tetragrammaton may sound like a big deal because it's a high-sounding, high-falutin' word but it really means "FOUR LETTERS". That is - Y(J), H, W(V), H. The Jews were so scared of using the Lord's Name in vain that they removed all vowels to make His Name unpronounceable. Even in English translations of Jewish Scriptures today, God is spelled "G-d". The Reformanda fellow goes one step further and elevates meaningless expletives so common in our meaningless daily speeches today ("fuck", "bastards", "motherfuckers") to the level that was once reserved only for the Holy Unpronounceable Name of the Almighty! Be afraid, my friends, be very afraid...

For more on the silliness of religion, or simply religion as comedy, or simply the origins of the use of "EVIL" in politics, check out: Evangelical Right - The Sinner's Guide To The Evangelical Right! Oh, and before I forget, swearing on the Quran/Bible is apparently an "in"-thing again (as long as you make sure that the Quran is in its original Arabic and the Bible is not a Dynamic Equivalent translation like the NIV/TNIV!!!)

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