Friday, August 29, 2008

Screw Starbucks. I am going to Jeremiah.

Another day at Jeremiah...

Madripoor is fine and busy this day. No stautory declaration needed here. Just make your peace and order your brew and if you can't handle your drink, go piss off. And die. Over here the only oath taking is on the tits of bartender. The one wearing the punisher tee. I swear no one will ever be tempted.

Moltmann is still bugging for small change. These germans can drink forever. Maybe that's why their theologee flows like a river. He went on stage in desperation and did a one act. A summa of the theology of the crucified god. the stage darkens. moltmann spoken word in one act:

"My God why hast thou forsaken me?"

(give that man a drink!!!)

MOLTMANN'S PLEA: the present day bourgeois christianity is seamless and has an answer for anything. here we are faced with a christianity in crisis. a christianity with a faith in a crucified god. a contradiction. a scandal. the abandonment of Jesus on the cross by God. the cross. the horror. the profane godlessness and horror of the cross. christian theology either get born here or flee. the cross of the crucified christ is really the most irreligious thing in christian faith. the cult of the modern day understanding of the cross, the unbloody repetition ad nauseam of the event at golgotha has all but changed this horrifying event into a theory for slavation. (no error in spelling) we have made the bitterness of the cross of Jesus Christ tolerable to ourselves by learning to understand it as a necessity of the process of a result the cross loses its arbitrary and incomprehensible character. Hence what was unique, particular and scandalous in the death of Christ is not retained but suppresses and destroyed.

(give that man another drink...)

It can get heady here at Jeremiah sometimes. it's a crisis for those who still care and a curse for those who are condemned. Enter here those who weep.

In a Madripoor kinda of weird, Keith Green was on stage at Jeremiah tonight. This is space warp miles away from Hill-shite-songs. This is a cry from the heart. Even the bartender in the punisher tee was humming along...

a prayer at Jeremiah...

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