Friday, August 29, 2008


I am at Starbucks at the southermost butt end of SIN. The coffee taste like crude oil and I swear the counter staff a latter day morlock.

Time was, you play the geetar to make it cry and sing. The 'ol bluesmen weren't kidding when they said play like yew is making luv to your women. Peter Green, the one with hair all over, is as blue as the sky on a rainless day. Happily shadowing the bluemeister is teenager Danny Kirwan who looks like he belongs to a shampoo commercial. Look at them killer vibrato! Look at them and weep. Cutting like ice is the slide of Jeremy Spencer giving flight to the Albatross. The stoned one with the drumstick if one Mick Fleetwood and the bassist in the shadows, John McVie. Time was, this was how yew play in a band.

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