Sunday, August 31, 2008


At Jeremiah. Laughing my guts out.

The yahoos were attempting a Madripoor record in devising C4 jokes.
No kidding.

(Sample: What comes after C? 4!)
(Sample: What is Pekan postal code? C4!)
(Sample: What is Najib blood type? C4!)

I join the perplexed and the forever laughing-my-guts-out yahoos in pondering the mongolian-C4-bloop/bleeper/blunder-moron-of-the-year.

Jin-Roh: No laughing Matter

This classic of superior film craft will remain forever ban in Malaysia and the ass butt end of SIN. No GOV worth their national day message and economic sugar will ever want their rakyat to learn what this anime contained. First: Don't use C4. Second: Don't make oaths. Now why didn't they allow this to be screened for the special force goondu? Wanna start a revolution? Look and learn:

Essential viewing for politicians & special force corporals

Even animated-big-gun-totting-red-eyed-corporal with peace-mantra inclination knows how to waste unwanted female attention in a quiet way. And if you have to use your big gun, do it in the sewers. Don't want any attention from indians, petrans or gwo burne types right? I mean you can make a movie with your cell phone these days. I saw 4 she-punks the other day trying very hard to look Jap. They had their hair spiky-do and their dress elaborate pseudo-euro-gothic-chic-slut mix n match. I swear Boy George was incarnated. Anyway they just had to pose at the subway - apparently their fav location for handphone cosmovie shoot. Give these indie-sluts full cred for marketing genius. But will someone get out of the way? I am late for the train to Rawang! I mean Yishun. I mean Kelana Jaya. I mean Pasir Ris. I mean why can't they just watch Jin Roh and realized everthing is fake and just waiting to be blasted off the screen? Did I say the GOV banned this piece of superior film craft? Wanna start a revolution? Watch clip again.

Time was, we can invite these blokes back to Jeremiah for a drink after they filled up the screen looking mean. I mean extras, what do you expect from hourly wage? Heck, bet the armour weight is not worth the effort. But we can't start giving the yahoos ideas right? I mean it's bad enough we have desperados creating their own revolution when they zoom into town. I mean Lobo may be buddhist but he still kick the toilet door! Heck, Wolvie last heard was vegetarian but he would drink the pub dry before you say zucchini. And Punisher! The original has not been seen. But we have a heck of a con-artist wearing that tee part-timing as a bartender. Now, we can't start getting ideas into his head, no?

The Idiots Guide to making someone disappear without C4

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