Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Dick Sprang Batman

Dick Sprang was one of the Golden/Silver Age greats who brought an enormous amount of energy, creativity and fun to the "Batman" comicbooks. The below are some of his well-known pieces. Check them out and see why I kept on harping about the importance of the fantastique, the colourful, the burlesque and the zaniness of the "Batman" mythos:

Some weeks back, some people teased and jeered at me because of my excitement over the "Hellboy II" movie. They couldn't understand why I wasn't sharing their enthusiasm for "The Dark Knight" film. I had a hard time explaining that it was actually because of my love for Batman that I avoided "The Dark Knight" - fully knowing that the film will step all over the original material and destroy the charm of the Bat-mythos. In a way, I'm happy that there are people out there making a big Batman movie but on the other hand, I'm not too excited because the version of the myth presented in that film will now dominate the public view of what Batman's world is like. It's a huge problem trying to explain my opinions to people who've not seen the Dick Sprang or Sheldon Moldoff Batman. It's difficult to explain why I prefer the zaniness of Schumacher's "Batman & Robin" film - possibly the most ridiculed, most panned movie of all time! Hahahahahaha... :)

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