Thursday, September 18, 2008


a great day to be alive
I started work. Again. This is my 2nd week. Enough reasons to explain why Lobo is back in Jeremiah. And as you can see he's havin a greeeat time. I sat in my corner and can't help but admire the main man in action, doing what he do best. Beating the crap out of known, unknown, found & forgotten fraggin pukin pissed face bastiches_____. (Just fill in the blanks who you want minced, diced, maimed. Not necessary in that order. Morons are optional but they make good meatloaf.)

WHY LOBO? Lobo is therapy. Lobo is like snapping the neck off the fraggin bastiches who puking pisses your butts off. That can be your boss if you like. That can be the bloke that work with you. That can be the moron in the comic shop who had never heard of Ted McKeever. That can be the new moron hamid. That can be pendatang ismail. Heck, you can put anybody in the face with the snapped neck. Yes, therapy.

HOW TO BE A COMIC GURU: So I am back in the comics asylum. Time was I bought all my Logan/Wolverine/Patch at this shop in Paradiz Center. Then came came the big wave. Then comics stopped. Time later I caught the X-flu, I bought all my X titles there too. Then time forgets. The Paradiz was a re-de-reformatted. Comics shop a-fragilli-shifted. Then came Borders & Kino. The people got a-fraggin-lazy. Then you can actually be a-Ellis-fragified in a matter of weeks courtesy of Kino well stocked shelves. So much for comics asylum.

HOLY SMOKE! I SAW BATMAN: Time now, I found the shop again. Just one block away from the original location. I knew I like the place soon as I entered. Uncle Bob/Blob at the counter was wearing a batman tee with a mean bat logo. (BLOB + Bat Logo + Michelin Man = Damn fine comics shop owner!) It's always warm to meet real life Mike Mignola's puffy gaslight Batman. Heck, even the tuition teacher is decked in Punisher tee!

Bats Alive! Uncle Blob with the mean bat logo.


Uncle Screwtape said...

Love the Mignola "Gotham By Gaslight" action figure. :)

You're back at work? How's the knee?

pltypus said...

No more rooftop hopping and shagging for me. In that order.