Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It's piss pouring at Madripoor. Again.

Even had a frog singing at Jeremiah. It's that bad.

Madripoor. Lately it's full of bats.

Interlude: Kapitan & Punisher, bats chasing at Madripoor. Having a good time.

Kelawar pendatang! Aku musnahkan Kau!

I had my usual corner at Jeremiah. You can see only the outline of furniture and half my face. The rest is awashed in dark ink. Only the orange tinged bulb is visible but even that has a inked based glow. Klaus Janson was at the bar. Figures. Not an artist. But an inker. I bought him a german beer. The pub was washed in ink. Klaus told me he know nothing about Cowan. Gulped his beer and swore he only does the inking. Nothing rough edged or sadosexual grit of O'Neil. No, Klaus don't eat no Ham(m) either. He sobbed he has no question on Ditko. Gacked on his beer and swore he has never read Ann Rand. I bought him another beer. The interior was heavily inked now. My silhouette even caught a flavor of Mignola. I could not connect any reference point. There weren't any. Jeremiah in ink. Unfamiliar.

(In this corner of the world you can be yourself. There's nobody else. No matter if you don't think much of yourself. You can only be yourself. No matter if you exist in a wrong time. No matter if you had not had the reference points due to not having any refrence point in the first place. One is often found washed ashore, dazed in madripoor...) (not a bad thing.)

I told Klaus he will always be an artist to me. Ink or otherwise. Not inker but artist. He gulped his beer. Again. I told Klaus about Dukes/Sumo/Hippo with the punisher tee to cheer him up. He stared at me blankly. I smiled and pointed to THE Punisher who stormed in smelling of guano.

Klaus Janson's Punisher: He look chinese. But don't you ever dare call him pendatang!

Time was Klaus Janson was known as Frank Miller's shadow/inker. But if you work for god/miller how else can you be addressed? God ver.2?! No. Just another inker. But Klaus was not just another inker. He was Klaus. Klaus Janson. The same one that was crucified in the name of Cowan, Hamm and Rand. The same Klaus that would die in the name of modern grit is the same Klaus that is now glorified in the created art as only this slammo panel can:

Pendatang Ismail getting bashed by pendekar kelawar

It was still piss pouring. The pub is now inkified. Punisher shot the frog. Said he will hunt down Carpenter next. I told him Carpenter has left for the top of the world. That drove him into a foul mood. Then he eyed Janson. Then like old times, like in the old war zone, Punisher, Janson and the pltyfan with the zero reference point except for the fact that he liked the art, went hunting for the tuition teacher with the punisher tee....

Last sightings of the tuition teacher... bamf!

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