Saturday, September 13, 2008


The MAIN MAN returns! and he's not smiling. Heard there were bats at that stinkin Jeremiah. He wasted no time in pulling in Bats from further modelling assignment with Mr jAnsOn...(not jEnsEn, that one is still reading asterix...)

"And yew bat-face, stop dropping guano in my bar!"
"Make me!"
When the Main Man and the Dark One met, there's always bound to be a duet of sort. Very deadly sam keith serious... (No. No carpenter sugar candy bullshit.) (Last heard, Punisher is still hunting the tuition teacher for that rainbow stunt)...But pure un-adulterated bats head biting heavy metal raaaaawk n rollllll!

Bo & Bats auditioning for Puching Idol. be afraid. be very afraid.

"How to run lead UMNO by Bo & Bats" : Be 100% fully insane and frag everyone who knows it and appoint a deputy who going insane but whom everyone think is bat-cool. Unbeatable combo. Of course you can upsize by hiring a meatloaf who thinks he's a singer who thinks he's a vegetarian to sing your party songs. But a definite no-no: don't ever hire a deputy whose resume includes C4. (That will cause soundbites from putrajaya all the way to petra. )

Frag & Roll at Jeremiah

When Bo and Bats thrash, they merge into one oversized operatic screamer.

There are no x-overs in Madripoor. Since there are no frogs in Madripoor. No penguins either. So, no politicians. 'cept for the corpse of Nguyen six-feet under or more. Just Bo & Bats. Having a good time.

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