Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Klaus Janson Appreciation Thread

This is Klaus Janson as inker. But don't you dare call him a "tracer". He added levels of realism and dimensions to John Romita Jr's pencils. Even the Joker and Jigsaw peed in their pants at the sight of Bats and Punny duking it out.

This is Klaus Janson as penciller and inker. This particular book was really more concerned about the Roanoke legend than about either Bats or Spawny but I bought it anyway. It was at the height of the Moench-Dixon-Grant partnership and Janson did the whole thing with the art all by himself.

Klaus Janson's Batman. 'Nuff said!

Recommended Klaus Janson Batwerks: "Gothic" (Grant Morrison only supplied the words) and "Death And The Maidens" (Greg Rucka wrote some words to go along with Janson's art).

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