Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I wonder why it is that took me so long to finally get my membership card. Now I have 'superhero' cred and also a membership card to boot. Membership came with great appendage and hair pulling:
Offered a secret underpant (later withdrawn.)
I insisted on wearing it under covers.
ask any stiffs down south who wear their 'comics' upfront as a cred and they will probably tell you X-Men history begans with Messiah Complex.
Offered the club-speak-lingo with all the condiments (failed the oral test.)
I insisted on keeping my P.Ramlee slang...
listen to any stiffs hovering at kino comic shelves and you hear half assed proclaimation of gretaness, "Oh you mean you have not read Sandman? What a shame! What is Sandman you say? Why, Sandman is the guy who put sand in your head when you dream..." (Hang tak bersetuju! - Hang Tuah) (Hang bermimpi? - Mat Petaling) (Hang bermimpi basah? - Mat Translation) (Pakailah kondom cap gajah, tidur enak tanpa was-was! - Mat Chow Kit)
Offered networking with 'authoritative' comics collectors (later disqualified.)
I insisted on reading the reviews at madripoor...
observed any stiffs with their fellow stiffs in a comic shop and you see bats tee, iron man tee, spidey tee. One stiffs rave on spidey, the other stiffs go spidery. One stiffs rave on iron man, the other stiffs get ironed, one stiffs rave on bats, and the rest of the stifs drop guano. It's a flavor of the month network. And it stinks. Both the stiffs and the guano. Always in that order.
Offered links to "our blogs" to paste reviews (later blocked, did not follow the 4 blogging laws.)
I insisted on the cut and paste madripoor school of comic reviews...
read any of the stiffs 'our blogs' and you instantly become a true blue superhero. Spandex optional. No effort necessary. Just use the key phrases "This is the best from so-so-and-so since..." "An outstanding collaboration between so-and-so..." "Never a letdown, signature so-and-so..." "This IS so-and-so!"
Anyway the website don't work, this is the blog. Be a cult member today.
Pltypus, last seen heading for Jeremiah with Lobo & Bats. And a membership card.

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