Monday, September 1, 2008


Decided to do some housekeeping for Jeremiah Blues today. I just found out that the Irishmen and pseudo-Irishmen at Jeremiah's do not read Chinese at all. Hence, I've decided to move all the Chinese posts over to 国民闲谈. My Chinese writings are worse than my English ones (if that is at all possible). Putting up my posts in Chinese is my way of practicing my written-Chinese. Writing in Chinese forces me to "think" in Chinese - hence the subject matter of what I write about differs greatly from the usual crap (by the usual gang of idiots) here at Jeremiah's. It's only appropriate that they be moved to a different blog altogether.

I was on holiday for the past five days, during which I travelled, read, ate, slept, shat, slept some more, read some more, ate some more and shat some more. It was a much needed rest. My mind was more active than ever. I spent a lot of time in the company of a few Chinese bastards who taught me about history, philosophy, love, tea and lots of other crap. They did not speak in sound-bites. They avoided politics altogether. They talked about gender wars, joked about roast-ducks and venereal diseases, and drank tea like their lives (whatever was left of them) depended on it.

Back to work today. Having coffee in Starbucks at Mont Kiara. Three Japanese tai-tais sitting in front of me. Collectively, they must be worth more than 10 million bucks. One of them is a hot MILF. I'm staring at her now but she's too busy talking to notice me. Behind me, two business-looking blokes are discussing some multi-million dollar construction projects. Their mobile phones are ringing and ringing and ringing. They are too busy to notice the hot Japanese MILF. Their loss. I'm staring at the hot MILF now while her friend is lifting up one arm to explain some armpit infection. One old angmoh uncle is sitting at the corner. He's busy fiddling with his notebook but I caught him staring at the hot Japanese MILF a couple of times as well.

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