Friday, September 12, 2008

The Protestant Reformation? Apa Binatang Tu?

Please read "The Great Heresies" to understand why I puke whenever people sing the glories of the Protestant "Reformation" these days... :(
The present state of the world and the evil global banking system that keeps us all in bondage wouldn't even have been possible without the Protestant "Reformation".
Aren't you tired of being fooled?
Wake up.
Someone in this part of the world is also making quite a name for himself with the "Reformasi" banner.
Do you believe him?


pltypus said...

I sat in the shadow of Mary yesterday. (and the day before) (and maybe another day which I forgot) Swore she was smiling. Swore i heard a female voice whisper...(reformation? been there done that) (...with my sister,Elizabeth, we both created quite a scandal, heehee, we liberated the women folk from the stuffy bearded chauvinistic jewite clannish ideal of woman folk.)(if I were born in your time, i dare say i rock!) (hee!)

I must've been stoned. I had Janis Joplin acid blues on... (and she rocks!)

P.S Who need Bangkok when one have the shadow of Mary?

Uncle Screwtape said...

Bangkok tu Dangerous lah! Oxide Pang told me and I believe him because he's dating Li Sinjie. Nicholas Cage is finding out first hand just how Dangerous Bangkok is.

Hopefully, La Tey finds out in time.....