Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Dreary morning class teaching Geography, BM and History. Students were in their usual disruptive mode. Nothing I've never faced a thousand times before actually. The problem was really with my own mental disposition. It's got to do with the fact that I did not sleep a wink last night. Weather is so bloody hot that I feel like packing up and moving to Cameron Highlands for good. After the classes, I got into the usual wranglings with my bosses. By usual wranglings, I mean we tell each other why we're pissed off with each other and renegotiate the terms of my employment/resignation/redesignation, etc. Overall I'm happy with the deal and I've got to admit that I'm really not the easiest person to work with! In the afternoon, I gave a two-hour lecture on The History of the Advent of Islam! Students who usually hated history actually got what I was talking about and positively enjoyed the two-hour lecture. I'm smiling even as I type this.

Speaking of resignations/redesignations, it's become a Malaysian tradition to do this sort of thing. Yesterday, the PM and DPM decided to change jobs. PKR is still fighting to get the blokes running the show to get off the stage. The blokes responded by simply changing their costumes but still staying on the stage! Hahahaha! In other news, SAPP leaves BN and Zaid is now siding with DAP. Me? I talked about resignations and should all things move neatly into place, I will still proceed with my plans. But the current economic climate is calling for a redefinition of my roles and responsibilities instead. Pltypus actually sent me a job-posting today (and I appreciate it greatly). But let me clarify. My problems now are not with a shortage of jobs or job-offerings. It's with an abundance of it. I have too many job-offers. I don't feel like I'm at a crossroads trying to make up my mind on 2-3 options. I feel like I'm in a hypermarket of jobs but the one thing I'm really, really wishing for is really to laze about a bit for a while. However, seeing that I'm still permanently broke, it's really not to pragmatic to suggest that to anyone. The most likely scenario (should the Lord tarry - hah! I just had to say that sometime!) is that I'll continue in some modified capacity (don't ask) with the current employment.

I'm very tired but (thankfully) at peace with everything. :)

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