Saturday, September 27, 2008


i was at Uncle Bob's a while back. Entering his bat-cave was akin to a walk in comics archives wonderland. And it doesn't hurt (that much) that Uncle Bob still think he's hot in that small bat-tee. The previous post has shown the dangers if one is not careful in Uncle Bob's danger room. La Tey is still passed out after the zoo encounter. I think he needs a good laundry too. So, back to comic archives. Hulk.
The hacks at Marvel just can't leave a cash cow alone. Every single bar brawl will be repeated to death till every single moron dollars is in the pocket. Case in point: the sweetie Hulk vs the grunt Logan. I was told by a raving fan who was once also known as the IPOH HULK, of this bash-up by Peter David/Todd McFarlane. While the David/McFarlane Hulk was a classic, the Ipoh version's infamy was tearing down cupboard doors. But I digress. So, at Uncle Bob I seized upon this Hulk/Logan brawl in the Canadian maple forest. The one with the grunt's head hidden inside the fist of Hulk:
The six-parter with maniacal cover art by the bastich of maniacal graphics, Simon Bisley. (!) I am going to have another epiphany...

I really think you should floss bub...

WRONG. The rumble in the jungle turns out to be a lemon in the world wide web of comics reviews. Among the continual-stylized faction of Madripoor, this is seen as a one shot out of the timeline, a sidebar tale. In other words,a commercial piece of shite by those who swear on everything green. Another title from Marvel moolah-spawning team-up. Take a winning formula and milked it till kingdom come. Last heard, Hulk is being done a Wolverine. Yet another origin tale...

Here below, THIS is the David/McFarlane Hulk/Logan KA-WHACK-KA-DOOM no holds barred and i-think-your-mother-is-fat, muscle rippin, ligaments snappin smasharoonie!!!!

A good story. That's what the tution teacher preached. It always start with a good story. Otherwise even ephiphanic art will crumble. Words of wisdom. Send your kids to THAT tuition teacher if you don't want them to grow up morons! Hulk says so. (Hang setuju!!!)

Till that Joe-Fixit story get posted by a true green/gray hulkomania fan, this is how a good story panel should sound and it doesn't hurt (not a bit) that the art smashes:

Kids, respect your tuition teacher!

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Uncle Screwtape said...

Ah-ha! You got the correct fight at last. Wolvie tearing through Hulk's chest. Then Hulk standing up again - madder Hulk gets, stronger Hulk gets. Nobody wrote Hulk quite like Peter David.

~ Edmund