Friday, May 16, 2008

Conspiracy About Conspiracy Theories

In the past several posts, we discussed the handbook-addicted SIN fellows with their ghetto-like mindsets and behavioural patterns. One of the handbooks that they are addicted to is this one called "The Pink Swastika - Homosexuality In The Nazi Party" by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams.

What they did not know is that this book was part of the conspiracy of the Illuminati Brotherhood to confuse the masses with yet another conspiracy theory. The Illuminati Brotherhood's number one weapon is fear and they use it so masterfully time and again. Weak minds blessed with B.Sc.(Hons) and multiple-handbook-readings will fall for it everytime.

This book, The Pink Swastika, has no basis in history whatsoever. But it works because it fans the flames of those who are already fearful of the Nazis and prejudiced towards homosexuality. The book suggests that there is a worldwide conspiracy by the Nazis to turn the world into a global Sodom. This resulted in the so-called Christians in SIN using this book to justify their homophobia and going on a crusade against gays and lesbians.

The Illuminated-Latin Handbook-Swinger is especially supportive of this agenda (afterall, he's a spokesman for the Illuminati in SIN). By attacking the gays and lesbians in the community, he cleverly diverts attention away from the real evil in our midst - the governments, the global financiers, the universities, the military, the churches with mind-control programmes, etc.

What is true is that Hitler was descended from the Rothschilds, who *pretend* to be Jews. Rothschilds were originally the Satanist family from Germany, the Bauers. Rothschilds = rotes schilds = "red shield". The Red Shield is the hexagram, the Star of David or in occult circles, the Seal of Solomon. This became the symbol of the Zionist Movement and is also the national symbol of the State of Israel today and can be found on their flag. Israel today has little to do with the original 12 Tribes/Descendents of Jacob. Israel today is literally Rothschild-Land. And since the Rothschilds control the politics, banking and military of the West, they were the ones who manipulated the whole nation into being. These were the same folks behind the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund that our friend from SIN so heartily supports.

Now, while the well-intentioned Christians are busy fighting phantoms like a global homosexual conspiracy that doesn't even exist, the Illuminati Brotherhood continues with their agenda in preparation for the coming cataclysmic turn in the year 2012. Among their most recent activities is to push towards a global economic recession in order to introduce the new global microchip currency. We see that with the rising price of basic necessities and oil. The economists (who are in actual fact, Repeaters working for the Brotherhood, knowingly and unknowingly) first announce that the price of oil and rice are rising - although there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that there is any shortage in the supply of both oil and rice. The Brotherhood spokesman, George W. Bush claims that with the rising standard of living in China, the one billion plus population is demanding to eat more rice! This is absolute rubbish! Every Chinese knows that when we make more money and have better lifestyles, we eat more steaks! Haha! But this has been how the Brotherhood works everytime. They announce something and then take steps to make it a reality. The most recent actions include engineering the tornado and storms in Myanmar to wipe out the rice-fields there and the earthquake in China to increase the dependency on fuel for electrical power.

The whole agenda with Myanmar was to implement another of their problem-reaction-solution modus operandi. They set up Aung San Suu Kyi as a martyr to the cause of democracy, then finance the military junta and supply them weapons. Therein is the problem. Then they stoke the fires of reaction with media coverage and movies (Rambo IV, anyone?) centered on the cruelties of the military junta there (a problem created by the Brotherhood in the first place). The result is widespread fear (again, their number one weapon). Next, they bring in the tornadoes. The immediate reaction is that the military junta were exposed to be inefficient and unprepared to deal with the catastrophe. Since no one has any love for the military junta in the first place, everyone welcomes the arrival of the solution that the Brotherhood proposed - U.N. Aid! The result is 50,000 or more dead, rice-fields destroyed, price of rice shoot up (in order to stoke the fires of the impending economic depression) and the dominating presence of the U.N. in South East Asia.

The repeated the same thing a week later in China by engineering the earthquake. Another problem-reaction-solution. While the Olympic Torch was making its rounds around the world the last month, the Brotherhood stoked the fires of anti-China with the Tibetan riots. Now, if you must know, the Olympic Torch itself is one of the chief symbols of the Brotherhood. It's the torch in the hand of Queen Semiramis (later Isis) and can be seen most clearly represented by the two Statues of Liberty and Columbia Pictures' corporate symbol. What is even more important is that this symbol appears wherever ritual sacrifices and/or assasinations are carried out. You see that at the JFK Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery as well as above the 13th pillar of the tunnel at Pont de L'alma in Paris where Princess Diana was killed (see pictures below).

Now, with that in mind, immediately after the Olympic Torch returns to Beijing, the Brotherhood executes another ritual sacrifice numbering tens of thousands by engineering an earthquake. In a murder investigation, the most immediate question to ask is this: "Who benefits?" In this instance, the Brotherhood benefits from it all. i) A ritual sacrifice of this magnitude one week after the cataclysm in Myanmar creates widespread suffering and fear; ii) It is another blow against the rising political/economic power of China; iii) They can now legitimately enter the countries China and Myanmar in the guise of U.N. Humanitarian Aid; iv) the price of oil and rice increases exactly as they predicted - in Myanmar, they wipe out the rice-fields (thus lowering the supply) and in China, they create the demand for fuel to generate electrical power.

You find all that hard to believe? Not surprising considering the level of indoctrination that you've been exposed to. So it's always more convenient to fight phantoms that appeals to your sense of disgust/outrage ("anal sex is disgusting, and therefore a sin" - as said by the Vincit Illuminati fellow previously) while the real evil is dangling in front of your faces and you cannot even see it. You in fact welcome it with enthusiasm - again exemplified by the SIN Illuminati Spokesman and his support of the World Bank/IMF. My friends, you've been hoodwinked (a Masonic term)...

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