Friday, May 23, 2008

Weird Action Figures (Part Four):

The world is constantly changing. Look around you.... nothing is the same as it was ten years ago. Fashions change. Technology changes. Even social behavior changes.

Yes, everything changes...

Except Lunch Ladies.

Just stick your head into a school cafeteria and see for yourself. We don't care if you're twenty or eighty -- you'll swear you're looking at the same lunch lady who served you slop back when you were in grade school. It may be magic or perhaps genetics, but lunch ladies are simply stuck in a time warp.

And this Lunch Lady Action Figure celebrates the food service worker in all her glory.

The Lunch Lady Action Figure is more than a doll -- It's actually an entire kit. The main part is the Lunch Lady herself -- She stands 5-1/4" tall wearing her trademark apron. Her arms are fully posable, and she clutches a food scoop in one of her glove hands. (Whenever you get hot food served with a scoop, you know you're asking for trouble.) Naturally, her hair is covered with a tacky net in a futile attempt to keep her hair out of the food.

The kit also comes with a steam table and a set of 9 stickers for the steam table, depicting such cafeteria delicacies as stuffed turkey dogs, macaroni & cheese, and something really frightening called "Cook's Choice." You also get a yellow cafeteria tray so you can re-enact all your culinary nightmares.

Perhaps there's no such thing as a "free lunch," but bad lunches are immortalized forever in this really stupid toy.

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