Friday, May 16, 2008

The Spokesman For The Illuminati Brotherhood

[* The following is the latest entry from that Illuminati Spokesman from SIN. He's writing to his tonto, the Reformanda Danny Boy.]

Dear Daniel,

He wants people to look at his "new" blog after deleting the previous obscene one (good decision, considering the fact that even insane murderers and rapists know how to cover their tracks by eliminating evidence against themselves). By posting comments in our blogs, it helps to redirect traffic to his "new" blog (with "new" slanders against us).

In the previous blog which he had since deleted, he had publicly denounced his faith and called the Bible "trash." So officially, he is an apostate (sorry for being blunt here); I'll call a spoon - a spoon. His posts reek of hatred for the Word, and for those who denounce homosexuality as a sin. Deleting his blog doesn't change anything - we know he is an apostate who hates the Bible. His private "incredible herc" blog is his secret society's meeting place where new plans are hatched from the abyss.

I would not be posting any of his comments (and those "anonymous" comments by his "friends" with funny names like nevin, nike, mickey, monkey et al). His friends don't even have the guts to put their real names there; shows how low they would go.

Why are you even conversing with a man who has dedicated his blog to defame/slander others whom he has no knowledge of?

(PS: I am being very nice here. Have you seen the kind of slander he wrote on his new blog? What a pathological liar.)

And who is the father of lies?

Be angry and sin not - I'll remember that. But I am entitled to be angry.

yours truly,

I've obviously struck a nerve somewhere to make him so angry. Maybe it's got to do with the fact that he's now being *watched*? Maybe he doesn't want you to know his allegiance to the Illuminati? That way, he can conveniently hide behind his handbooks, his anathemas, his advice column to working mothers, his tontos, and his excuses for being too busy with examinations, while collaborating with the Illuminati Brotherhood to construct mind-prisons based on their Van Til handbooks? Once more everybody, WE ARE WATCHING YOU.

You think I'm interested in your visits to this *new* blog? Once more everybody, NOBODY ASKED YOU TO COME.

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