Friday, May 9, 2008


I use to rock out to Hank Marvin and his Red Strat. Heck, I'll have to reveal my age if I am a tellin yew yahoos that I saw Hank way back when he was with old botox-fied Cliff Richards. Then it was summer holiday.

These days, it rains all the time with occasional cool sunday mornings. On a day like this, I like to remember the man with the Red Strat and his art of making the guitar sing. Alumni at the feet of this great Shadow includes Mark Knopfler and his Dire Straits. Check out Telegraph Road or Private Investigations to hea echoes of Hank sweet red strat. Much later a stony road slinger, Chris Rea, who was on the Road to Hell replayed all the good chords he heard from the great Shadow and preserved for generations to come the art of making a Strat sing.

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