Thursday, May 8, 2008

JEREMIAH BLUES, A SUMMARY SO FAR: The pub has been busy whole week. The unusual yahoos and a few SIN-fak-kers who can’t last even one round of Madripoor finest brew. They tried to talk the talk but failed the walk.
(Last heard they were consulting their handbook on BREW.)
(Actually they were SCREWED but were too drunk to realize it.)
(eh! Eh! bang! Porno! – Saloma)
(Bukan yang, ni sandiwara bahlol temasek. – P.Ramlee)
(Hang tak bersetuju! –Hang Tuah)
(Hang pernah dihimpit belakang oleh si Blob? – Mat Pimp)
(Pakailah jamu ubi diraja untuk himpit-himpit lama-lama dimana-mana! – Jamu Chow Kit)
(Bo bey chow! – Ah Kok)
(eh! Bang! Beli! Beli! – Saloma)
(Amboi! Perempuan ku! Mari sini! – P. Ramlee)
Anyway, southerners who don’t even have their own voice shouldn’t attempt to teach others how to speak in tongues. In Jeremiah the consequences is a fistful of metal to the mouth.

There was this strange character in the dark. Said he was walking down the street and would like to sit in for a while. Some said he’s from a time past. Most just pretend he’s not there. Not many want to know he’s here… Nobody wants to mess with him. He’s not one of the same. Only the SIN-morons are ass-dumb enough to provoke him.

(For the moron who still don’t get it, he’s WATCHING you)
Screwtape was up north. Said he was in Northlands. Norway? No, Scandinavian Nacht!

The names of country as determined by the anglo-saxons do not matter if the skies remain grey and the sun remains hidden. The cacophony of entry was dimmed by the silence of exit… (King Diamond) (Bathory) (Mayhem) (Count Grisnacht) (Emperor) No one ask you to come. The world is a will to power… it’s the twilight of the gawds… in the dark, signs are made and fists are raised… only the flash of light caught by the metal can illumine those who remain ignorant… the blade was raised triumphant. Screwtape toasted and…

La Tey came running in naked. Chased by Nick Fury. And Wolvie. And Barracuda. And Punisher. And Venom. And Carnage. And the ghost of Ah Meng. (She WAS a liberated babelicious gorilla) Said he was shooting the midnight to KUL. Time was Dustin Hoffman was the marathon man. 5’ 5” and a dumb look but a rated stud. Time now, Simonus Excelsior 5’ 5-and-a-half” and an ass. Naked. Unrated. Not necessarily in that order. (“I will be collecting. Your ass is mine boy!” – LOBO)

A fish came by for a drink. Said he was thirsty after cycling in Le Tour Le Mo Le Ron. He had a piss bottle of Madripoor imported Chateau Le Neu.
(NEW-water, the solution for water starved island nation)
(ni air jamban! – Mat Simple)
(saya telah membaca lama-lama dan tangan buku saya berajar air ini dapat menhilangkan haus dunia ini lama-lama. – Pentaksub Karate)
(…and whoever drink of this water will never thirst again…) (…for they will surely die. – from the Fully Unabridged Christological Kerygma, reviewed in Latin by a very important sounding shit-for-himself-always-in-a-hurry-to-study-for-exams-so-that-he-can-only-respond-briefly-and-proceed-to-crap-pages-of-crap-for-itself-to-prove-kerygmatically-that-he-stinks-therefore-he’s-full-of-shit…)
Fish, last heard singing for Marillion. Said he’s from Scotland. On normal days he’s intimate with vodka. On Sunday he prefers a white russian. Yesterday he had a Lager. On Wednesday morning he drinks Old Town Nanyang Memorably! Enriched White Coffee – Kow-kow! Today he drank water. No, not New.

Pltypus seldom heard / not seen was still unheard unseen. Some smarts pasted a note on the toilet door. Note said to “abandon hope on entry” or something like that. LOBO was marching to the toilet clutching his full bladder. He was none too pleased to see the note. Behind him BARRACUDA was squeezing his nuts having one happy drinks too many at happy hours. He was none too pleased to see the note too. NICK FURY was locking both knees looking for mercy release and was furious to see the note. (PUNISHER was still hunting the Taffer) Last heard all three were heading to Pasir Ris to de-balled that Kimchi engineer. HERC walked in scratching his hairy balls and saw the note, shrugged and went out the back door. He reappear some minutes x seconds later with a contented look on his face. Last heard Myanmar is flooded. Herc!!!

It's been along strange trip, glad you all(s) tagged along.

Of Mice and Men
Time was, lives were lived in quiet desperation.
Time now, it still is.

Time was, lives were forged by fire.
Time now, who gives a crap.

JEREMIAH BLUES - A SUMMARY?: The lack of continuity reflects the existence of men. Man was born in the middle, without a beginning and not knowing the future. Bonhoeffer said something like that. This inadequate summary begun as a call to arms. It then became a stand. From death begets life? From life, the same begets death. This is where these men made a stand. They may have lost their ORIGINs, but they most probably have a lot more to say!

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