Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sunny Day At Jalan Sultan

I'm at Jalan Sultan.
My favourite street in the whole wide world.
Everything I need in life can be found on this street.
I confirmed my new job yesterday - starting next week.
Came down to town this morning to meet up with the book-distributor company.
Offered myself to be a free agent for them
It's a John Updike thing.
When a Presbyterian loses his faith, he naturally becomes an encyclopedia salesman.
[Read "In The Beauty Of The Lilies" to see what I'm talking about!]
I'm having breakfast at Cha Wong's Stall:
[King of Tea, if you believe the rumours circulating in the pugilistic world!]
Kopi ais with two century-egg balls.
I've got the two "Spider-Man: Back-In-Black" hardcovers in my bag.
Also the SEARCH #1 Kompilasi CD and
Susi Rajah's satire on Catholicism and the advertising industry, "Heaven".
It doesn't get better than this... :-)

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