Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Time was every rock band from Butterworth to Batu Pahat tried to sound like Scorpions. Now thats not a bad thing as witness by Fantasia Bulan Madu. But there was an earlier time in rock nusantara when Ramli Sarip and the boys from Sweet Charity were shaking down the foundation of metaldom. They were da bomb! The Deep Purple of Nusantara. This clip is from the reunion concert. Young punks are advised to watch the whole 9 mins plus to witness the conversion of mat rockers and brudder metal into celestial choir boys! Metalphile with a taste for rock nusantara are best ushered to youtube to catch the rest of this concert. Rock On!

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Cikgu Screwtape said...

This is really good stuff. I used to read every single Ramli Sarip magazine/newspaper interview back in the early 1990s when I just started playing the guitar. This guy is the taikor of metal nusantara!

The folks in RTM watched his stuff and crapped in their pants. They then announced their policies of no-howling, no-growling and no-long-hair on TV! That effectively killed metal nusantara.