Thursday, May 8, 2008

Uncle Screwtape Proposes A Toast!

Welcome to the new Jeremiah Blues. This is the watering hole for music lovers, comic fans, cigar aficionados, seekers of spirituality and people who just enjoy each other's company. Make no apologies for your comments and posts. Come in, order a drink. Say anything. Be happy.

The authors of this blog are Pltypus, La Tey, Melvin and myself, Uncle Screwtape. I used to write a blog called "Uncle Screwtape's Blogs". It was later converted into the first "Jeremiah Blues" (after the original was desecrated by pseudo-religious watchmen). I've known both Pltypus and La Tey for decades. Pltypus calls me "Fats", "The Blob" or many such equivalent descriptive names for my indomitable girth. La Tey loves running naked all over the place (according to the reliable testimony of Pltypus) and has little patience for religious bigotry. Melvin is my former student who's now an avid blogger. He's also writes his own blog called "A Little Taffer's Room".

Some years back, I read Nietzsche's "Human, All Too Human". Didn't really know what that old German madman was blabbing about most of the time. But I liked the epilogue. Shows his sense of humour and his longing for the company of people who'd understand him:

Among Friends


It's nice, in silence together,
Even nicer, laughing together—
Underneath the silken skies
Amidst moss and books, here lie
Friends, our joyous laughter growing
With our white teeth showing.

Am I right? silent let us remain;
Am I wrong? laughter be our refrain—
Make it worse and worse, a louder wave,
Until together we reach the grave.

Yes, friends, shall we do it again?—
Amen! and auf Wiedersehn!


No excuses! No forgiving!
Openhearted and cheerful living
Grant this foolish book your
Ear and heart and shelter!
Believe me, friends, my foolish strain
Has never been in vain!

What I seek, what I discover—
Has a book contained it ever?
Honor in me the guild of fools!
From this fools-book learn
How reason to its senses turned!

Yes, friends, shall we do it again?—
Amen! and auf Wiedersehn!

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