Friday, May 23, 2008

Weird Action Figures (Part Two):

After you're done playing with the Hitler Action Figure, try out the Marie Antoinette one. She comes with a removable dress to reveal the prisoner-gard underneath - for all you Kirsten Dunst fans/perverts out there as well as anyone (like me) who's into Female Prison Movies! But the best part is the Ejector Head feature. If (like me), you have a fetish for the French Guillotine, you'll find that this particular action figure satisfies you in every way! My only complaint is that this figure should've come with a recorded voice that says, "Let Them Eat Cake!" and then you press the button to eject her head! Imagine that! Anyway, if your child is required to give a presentation in school about famous historical figures, just let him/her take this Marie Antoinette to school as a visual prop... Fun and educational toy all in one!

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