Sunday, June 22, 2008


frank miller's sin city is pussy
compared to this nightmare.
snowtown - feral city.
once you cross the bridge you stay.
this is richard fell.
his story.
there are wild dogs on the streets
there are pigs in the apartments
there is filth on tv
and there are streetlights that
reveals all these dirt.
on one side the waters
dark and omni present
on the other
the playground
dark also.
this is closer than you think.
Brian Templesmith does not pay for his drive.
He has no patience for mongrels.


Dr Danny Teh said...

Ah, finally the comments have been enabled again! So much for your attempts at self-censorship. Shame on you to be using fake names in the comments boxes. I just received a mail from Mr. Lim Geok Seng. He is nothing like the comments posted in his name. You guys are asking for trouble.


Anonymous said...

Richard Fell became Mike McGill in Crooked Little Vein. Read Fell and then jump into the novel. The images of a filthy city takes on a neon glow, automobiles growl on sopes and the water shimmers sinister. Even your grandma would like it!


ACE68 said...

This is what you would get if Frank Miller were Warren Ellis!
I am rereading SIN CITY all over after Crooked Little Vein. The singles for Fell is still available for a bomb. Templesmith explodes! Check out his lines in 30days and night.