Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Hillary-Obama Race

The Hillary-Obama Race ended yesterday with Hillary bowing out and giving her support to Republican Presidential Candidate Obama. The below is a quick recap of their five-month race:

When the race first started, nobody knew who the hell Obama was!

Obama started to pick up pace despite tripping over issues now and again.

Next came the issue of *personal financing*. The two delegates started out with mega-truckloads of cash. In the middle of the race, Hillary seemed to have gone dry but Obama seemed to have a limitless flow of green... Hmm, you smell somethin' there?

After five long months of gruelling drama on TV and the papers (actually it was all staged, believe me), Obama won the Oscars from Hillary. That is another reason why I don't watch the Oscars, the judges have no idea at all. Hillary was the better actress in this case. She managed to convince the world that she was seriously contending - when it was all staged.

In the end, it never really mattered who wins anyway! The whole thing was all staged and the US Agenda (really the Brotherhood Agenda) is the thing that will be carried out.

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