Friday, June 27, 2008


Making the best of a tight space, Mr. Morrison cozy up with the cat and read Frank Miller's Dark Night. If the cat can talk he would make Kitty Pryde appear but a japanese girl has since assume the cutesy role. Sesame street bed slippers and all! So in the dark, illuminated by the gamma glow that Dr. Banner fears, Mr. Morrison dreamt of greatness with Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley but that was just radiated wishful thinking. Meanwhile the cat saw the value of feline radiation when he saw a shot of the curvaceous bodylicious boothumpinhipjerkin-all-over-vibratin Selina Kyle. Mr. Morrison prefers Halle Berry but pretends to just tingle a lighter shade of green. I mean it was a small box and there's no avoiding an accidental ejaculatory misfiring trajectory in such cubed fantasy. So, Mr. Morrison and the cat cozy up in the best of the tight space, reading Miller's Dark Night, having a good time, stayin alive undead. Not necessarily in that order though.