Sunday, June 22, 2008


contents: propaganda

You know how it sounds, a metalhead who's suddenly seen with a jazz cd. Or an engineer reading Lovecraft. Or a tuition teacher who pull the graveyard forecasting futures and trade. The last one is not hard to imagine. The engineer is at best an anomaly but now frequently seen at MPH slaving the new york times bestseller list. I mean everyone want to be IN. That leaves the metalhead. It's a widespread disease of integration, there's no loyalty to genre now. Once, if you are indentified as a brudder you live and die a brudder. Now, you listen to what sells.

So that year, I had just came out of the plot of Extinction and the other X-overs many times over. The one shots were piling and I was smug. There, i said it. I mean full painted glory - Kent Williams, Jon J Muth. Frank Teran? Had them all. One shots made great collections, so I was smug. I don't know and I don't care. I just like the art and if the story don't suck, I kept them. The rest burned. Pity the poor sobs who had to slave the monthly issues. Then came the explosion of chest and such tiny waist formulas that calls itself Valiant and Wildstorm. Then more were enslaved, I mean some sobs just collects anything. So you change the costume and make them street speak and make the pages glossy. So? Fuck them all. I was digging the archives for Lynn Varley, Mike Mignola, Sienkiewicz and other such legends. My one shots continue to pile. Then I was seen with Moebius... One can call that a second coming. Stan Lee call it a Silver Surfer tale. I got a steal for the still unheard and unseen sci-fi shorts that Moebius hand painted. Smug? Yeah, I said it. Then 2020 Vision.....

you are a puppet

First, Frank Quitely. The disturbing image. The unrepentant gore. The full page indisciplined no-rules panels that were strewn all over the place. You would hate it at first sight if all you ever encounter was: Madam English Tea Christie and a clean shaven Obelix. How on earth the muscles don't bulge after years of carrying menhir is beyond me. Anyway, to hate what you see need a certain level of bias, prejudice and conformed acceptance of certain world views and vice. One has to questioned if the vice part were a little light in definition. That was a yesterday that was yet unexploded. Frankly, the images quitely seeps into the mental pores like a virus that need to feed. So the world as one knows it, divided neatly into two zones - one where the rich dwell, and the other, filthier, unhealthier place where all the nobodies stay, become integrated. Even metalheadz were listening to Coltrane, Hawkins and Monk. Epistrophy anybody? Once light is shined in darkness, the old colonialization must ceased. What the affluent says can be opposed. What those in governance demands can be rejected. Alex Woycheck can be seen & heard without censors. Jamie Delano can tell a tale without giving two hoots to retards hiding in dark cubicles. Make that another hoot to full frontal lobotomized opiate freaks. (Nietzche version of 'opiate' for the less educated)

u r manipulated like a puppet

Alex Woycheck saw the plunge. So did anyone who actually viewed the crazy panels through his first person perspective. If Ellis can get away with Spider Jerusalem, any other brits with a tale to tell would jump in with his own version. This is Jamie Delano & Frank Quitely and a few other art people, their take on the apocalypse. It's life and it's not neat. Alex Woycheck, a generic nobody who has lead quite an interesting life, but loathes his present one because of the well off and power hungry people of the city. This could be tampines, this could be damansara. Heck, this is marine parade and ang mo kio combined! This is Puchong and S.E.A Park! This is Sungai Siput but Sami veloo lost long time agao... This is neu yorke. Hell. Pity the poor sobs who still suck up to the white shitheads and collect their turds for keepsake. Ah, colonialism you have returned! What mighty entourage you have! Why you even have a puppy... So, civilisation parodied in panels with crazy graphics while real life ooze turd from recolonialised mutants. If their pathetic existence really meant anything, Frank Quitely would have drawn them as herpes infected sodomized followers of other such gonorrhoea infected stinking morons waving their labels like flag day.

So, in the blogs we have seen the neo british india in southern island demanding monopoly for their brand of beliefs. You have to agree. If you blog you must take on the imperial labels. If your jesus speaks than you must label your jesus in the green truth of the neo british india company. They will trawl the blogs for dissenters and beat up such indian or moslem or china traders who just want to feed their family. They will googgle your blog for correctness and demand that you recant you political incorrectness. You are the bastardized children of Bush. Their threats are manifold but typical of colonial lack of inventiveness. If in doubt, they invoke the seal of royalty and send the damned to calcutta. That was the rule. That was the line drawn. Till their ships ran aground in the rocky shores of a graphic novel, drawn less than neat by this Frank Quitely. As in Woycheck's city, the power-seekers were infected by the uniting of plagued folks; the colonial bastards were summarily infected, hexed and rubbished. Their residue can be seen in the floatsam of Kranji at very low tide. Word: if someone wants to beat you up down a dark alley - and I pray no one ever does - you might tell them you're HIV-positive; if they have a brain cell at all they'll then walk away, and at least some good will have come from such a catastrophic nightmare.

no one cares for the truth.

Some turd for brain neo-colonial labelled-mispelled moron actually walked into such an alley some months back. His face was pushed to the floor. You will need a Quitely to draw the content of the floor to know the trauma this sick puppy has since acquired. The sequel? Like a dog going back to its vomit, the puppy wanders back. The truth? A puppet manipulated by lies.

Truth: I have not bought (again) 2020 Vision yet. It's a capitalist cage. You can't beat the system. The trade is cheap but in cheapo black and white. The single issues reamain in glorious paintwork and can be available for a bomb. Capitalist pig! This the lie. Either way you lose.

Are you tired of being lied to?


Anonymous said...

To the puppies, Mark Bark, Albert Chuas, and Johnson Lim...

You're part of the manipulation of British India...

Are you tired of being lied too?

Or you don't even know...

Hint: Where did your religion come from? A group of islands in the north west? No wonder you guys sound so Victorian. Googling for the f-bomb? What a joke!

Stop being a fool. You don't even know how to pretend.


Cikgu Screwtape said...

I taught this stuff in my history classes for the past several weeks. Pretty girl at the back was smiling. She got it. Fat boy in the front was smiling. He got it too. Two Malay girls in tudung in the middle were smiling. They got it too. DOWN WITH COLONIALISM, they all chanted when I was done. Thank God for the undefiled minds of the 14-year olds in our communities. Hopefully, they'll maintain such clarity when they pick up their Degrees and PhDs later on in life.

~ Edmund

Cikgu Screwtape said...

La Tey is having the Frank Quitely hardcover. Emma Frost. Cassandra Nova. Genocide as a career. Peeking into Xavier's brain. That kind of weird shit.

Me? I'm broke until at least next week. Stupid fuel-hike is costing me a lot (RM500 or more on petrol monthly, not to mention car-installment, etc.)

Then I'm picking up some of that glossy street-speak shit. Did I tell you that Ultimate Cable is Wolverine from the future?

~ Edmund

Anonymous said...

Frank Quitely mutates the mutants into somekinda of social engineered citizens of a ceratin small island. I mean Xavier look like a NUS kid without specs! Ok, ok, ok, the guys sucks. I mean, we know that already and all the stuff they do in their dirty cubicles. There's no Emma Frost in NUS. La tey would have stayed 5 years if Frank Quitely drew the campus. (Bad dog!)


Anonymous said...

If I was thrown into a cell with 2 months worth of Moebius, Darow and Quitely, i would die happy.