Monday, June 16, 2008


Your doctored-rate may just help you understand this clip.
Since you love your authority type so much.
With their banner
and their speeches
and their jargon
and their fixes.
If still don't get it
well, you are FUCKED.

Singapore - best highways in Asia, and some say the world. You pay for the drive on the highway to hell.


Cikgu Screwtape said...

AC/DC + Hitler! Wow!

Unlikely that the SIN dogs will get what you're trying to get at. They are a lost cause.

They spent their entire lives (and libido) building themselves up to get a PhD. They believed that they deserve respect.

Then some idiots start calling them names and not bothered with giving them one whit of respect online. Some idiots start pasting pictures of their doctorate thesis online in order to subject them to ridicule and contempt.

They never knew that getting PhDs will get them responses such as these.

But then, read their comments and see that without their handbooks, they cannot even form coherent thoughts. Haha! They don't even have the balls to say FUCK (a meaningless English word)!

There is no place for them in our talks about defiance. They've already swallowed the infernal system hook, line and sinker.

~ Edmund

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take guts to say a bad word. It takes guts to refrain from bad language. It takes wisdom and learning to write PhD. theses.

Dr Johnson Lim obviously have something that you guys don't. Maybe that's why you all are envious of him and attacking him endlessly?

Alfred Chua.

Dr Danny Teh said...

Dear Alfred,

You are trying to describe the ocean to people who have only seen a puddle. What do these people who read only Captain America and Ultraman know about the long process of acquiring a doctorate?

Danny Teh.

Anonymous said...


Danny and Alfred trapped by their own incompetence in a blog they should never have visited. All it takes is a few key words and fools like them rush in where demons dine.