Monday, June 23, 2008


follow the herd

Frank Quitely and Geof Darrow were deeply indepted to Moebius for the depth scene they brought to Delano's nightmare and Miller's fantasy. The depth charge explosion of pages were due to this dude's art. If the modern day city swallow you up, then show the city's guts in all its gore. Let the details tell their own stories.
believe the hype

Hard Boiled can be too much to stomach while 2020 Vision can induce nausea. It was Warren Ellis who showed what can be done with blokes like Darrow on blokes like Jerusalem. Once that door was opened with Delano's vision, the haemorrhaging details of Frank Quitely kicked off whatever was left. This is the hard look into the depths of a futurepresent that Moebius long ago saw. Collect them all if you can.

It is obvious, collectors one shot like these are hard to come by.

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Cikgu Screwtape said...

You went from Ellis to Hickman to Wood, and now artists Darrow, Templesmith and Quitely. Not to mention old master Moebius. I haven't seen you this passionate about comix for a long, long time. :)

For me, the magic of comix left with the Onslaught Saga in 1996. I don't know why. Ten thousand issues later, I still cannot recapture the same magic I did when I sat in McDonalds, Cheras reading Onslaught and sweating in anticipation for the next issue.

Comix as socio-political commentary. Comix as showcase for European claustrophobic paranoia. Comix as "relevance" (dating all the way back to O'Neil's "GL/GA: Hard Travellin' Heroes" and Lee's drug issues in ASM).

Channel Zero and DMZ are everywhere. So are the 30 Days of Night collections. Ellis' got a new book out from Avatar featuring a flaming red-head flying above the city. I don't even know where to start.

I'm just looking forward to picking up "Ultimate Cable" this weekend and be happy with it for now.

~ Edmund