Monday, July 21, 2008

Archie Met Elektra In 1986

Archie is dead. Archie lives forever.
Archie was the best editor that anyone could dream of.
Archie had a vision in the 1980s.
He called it "Epic".
One day, Frank and Bill showed up in the office.
They had something in their hands.
Archie asked what it was.
"Elektra: Assassin".
Archie took a step back.
It's great being an editor when you didn't even have to do your job.
There was nothing to edit.
The work was bigger than he was and he knew it.
He took one look at the work and that was enough.
It was the first (and arguably the last) work that lived up to Archie's vision.

Brainless fanboys are lining up for "The Dark Knight" making it the biggest movie of 2008.

We were there first.

This is the real thing.

Archie knew it and said "Yes".

I look back now and say "Amen".

"Epic!". This was it.

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