Saturday, July 5, 2008


For all the true muthas out there who remembered - there's no stopping rock n roll. Check out the video and see what happened to the 2 gay lovers - danny boy and alfred - they were fucked, screwed and dumped. Did I forget Johnson? Thought he could hide in a closet unseen? Well, check the video for the consequences - he mutated. People who don't study history and try to take on the muthas of this world: you and your stoopid rules and demands, the world has left you behind to rot in your stinky chambers. Pretend you have a foothold here? Your moral ground is sinking. And you are sinking in your own shit. shit that you worship as your god. god that you manipulate as your labels. labels that you ejaculate in your sick blogs. blogs that you use to masturbate exegesis while you crapped all over the web. web that has seen you and your lies. Lies that continue to manipulate you in your lust. Lust that got you shit in the face. You can't stop rock n roll.

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