Saturday, July 26, 2008

Biggest Charity Concert In The World

Was in Kompleks 3K at about 2:00pm yesterday. Started decorating the place and getting everything ready for the biggest charity concert in the world. Was half-dead by 5:00pm with the endless shouting, screaming and rehearsals. The concert performances start at 8:00pm (with food served at 7:00pm for guests).

Performances began at 8:00pm. Three of my students helped out on emcee-duties. A group of breakdancers came over to perform (courtesy of a church-friend from a local college). Our teams put up 20+ performances despite the faulty sound-system. Very large crowd. Many were sitting on the floor and cheering us on. The concert went later than planned. In fact, it went on for close to four hours! We were supposed to end at 10:00pm but many of them stayed with us all the way up to 11:30pm! The performances by the charity homes were especially moving. Orphans and disabled people came up on stage with renditions of "God Is Good" and "You Raise Me Up". Many people were visibly moved and some were sobbing openly. It was like mini-Woodstock! Forget the World Youth Day in Australia. This was the real thing. Most of our performances were terribly amateurish and some were downright awful! But we had some laughs and lots of cheers. The Bollywood Dreamz Team and the Form 2 Singers & Dancers took home the awards for the night. It was a crazy, crazy night. Months of preparation and endless rehearsals. Lots of laughs, stress, frustration, work, etc. Now it's finally done and strangely, I wished we could do it again.... Don't know why. It was a wonderful experience for everyone... :)

[Sitting in MyDin, USJ wearing a T-Shirt that says "I Can Sleep All Day" but ironically, I could not sleep well at all. Too much excitement. Limbs are aching. Throat is sore. But I just can't sleep...]

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