Saturday, July 19, 2008


It was the 70's. Rock is dead. So is god.

While the whole world embraced the promise of utopia and the la-la land of consumer bliss, some freaked out germans were taking their stand. Much like the hairy germans before them who stood their own path away from the consumer beliefs of god-happy amerika, These thick side-burns germans were turning upside down the formula of la-la pop groups mushrooming across the oceans. I believe the sauerkraut and superior beer have something to do with the repetitive beat and slithering cords. The message was straightforward: welcome to the machine. The revolt was not subtle: This is plastic musick. Their stand was immediate: We are human still. This is the autobeat of Klaus Dinger and the mad landscape of Michael Rother. Time was, protest music gave birth to life. Time now, who give a shit. Don't get it? Watch again.

That was 1970. (it could be 2008 for all i care) Rock is dead. So is god.

Stay alive.
Neu did.

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