Friday, July 11, 2008


believe the hype

The Headless Medusa. This makes no sense. The power of the medusan myth lies on the head being intact above the shoulders. But the headless medusa she was. A single shriek from her headless torso is amplified by 10,000 hissing echoes of blind medusoic followers. The headless medusa was given to marathon ranting resulting in endless cacophony of white noise filling the landscapes with bio-eco-poisoning.

don't accept what they tell you

Squid-fish-goldfish-eyed-slime-of-the-deep. Offal of Poseidon. Sewerage of the deep. Cthulhu faker. I mean, there are men and there are women and there is a man who’s a woman and a woman who’s a man scorpions rocker but this, this is Ginzu knives hell. The aged leather sushi is not just yellow-nausea but dark-blue migraine. If ever there’s a reason to waste the flame thrower, this bitch is perfect target practice. And someone can cut off the tongue...

Judge Dredd. Not stallone. But the Judge Dredd. 2000AD. The original mutha with the big fat gun. Forget about the rain coat skull wimp. This is bad news. This is hell leather burning the expressway in killer bikes that Lobo can only dream of. This is Wagner. This is Delano. This is Morrison. This is where it all started. This is where I would dump the Headless Medusa and that Garbage-from-the-deep-bitch-of-an-excuse. This is where the boots of the Judge would trample. This is where the knuckles of the Judge would mangle. This is where sorry ass will be kicked in. This is where I will sip triple espresso at the Lovecraft Café and hemorrhage my brain out in the spectacle of the Judge mauling. Oh Judge where have you gone? Whither our land perishes? Need our children go hungry? Need they be sacrificed to Cthulhu? Have our cities been burning? Our land a burning swamp? Oh Judge where have you gone?

Time was, we believe. WE fight for our beliefs. Then there was a side that had gone wrong. And there was a Judge that make things right. Time now, who cares.

Yesterday, the gates of Cthulu were reopened.

Enter ye all who knew no fear. For fear we have in abundance and fear we will freely give. For in fear you will convert. And in fear you will be manipulated. For fear is the truth and in truth your fear will grow.