Saturday, July 19, 2008


OK, the previous post was bad but necessary. That's the state of man/machine today. Time was, as this post shows in glorious B&W, the great Klaus Dinger that eventually form Neu was dumming for Kraftwerk. Then, they faught to be human. Then it was really fun. Just flute, drums and noise. The last post was a sent up for the "fun, fun, fun" generation that Kraftwerk saw coming. This one shows what they stood for early on.

See the faces in the crowd and fast forward today. Today. Is this really the world we have created? The prison of our own making. We have put our salvation in the hands of fools. Our inheritance is sold. The future is now. You want in? Then do as you you are told. Listen when you are told to. Follow. Like begets like. Struggle is vain. Conform or be left out. Read only what is popular. Watch only when its sold out. Follow. Be a face in the crowd. Be in. Today.

Time was, 1970. Name: Klaus Dinger. Lived: 1946-2008. He did not conform. Neither should you. One more time, the motorik beat. Protest. Stay alive.

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