Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I was in downtown traffic jam, courtesy of the ERP of the SIN.

I decided to beat the heat by jumping a yellow cab. De Niro took me for a ride and showed me his magnum. Said he shoot because he's now reformed. I did not say a word as his eyes stalks me on the overhead mirror. He told me he will drive to the Tropic of Cancer where he will take a cruise. I ask him what about the taxi? My mistake. He shoot me a glare and wanted to know if I was really talking to him. By now the ERP were in full form and force. The gantries decided to play transformer and set up shop every 100m. This was in part due to the driven drivers of the engineered community that made up the south side of the Tropic of Cancer. They don't know how to drive otherwise. So they pay for their drive. The yellow cab reached the coast and promptly stopped. De Niro jumped out and threw me his jacket. He dived in the waves and was carried towards the 40footer he had fantasized about. I thought I saw a gleaming between his teeth that looks a lot like a rambo knife... I must have dozed off. Maybe I dreamt a little about Juliette Lewis and how she was the portal that allowed Johnny Depp to enter the caravan of dreams, to escape the grapes of wrath that was his gilbert. Maybe I saw Juliette dancing with only flowers in her hair and sunshine on her face. maybe I should have followed De Niro into the water?

Enki Bilal jumped into the driver seat and mumbled something about being the relief driver and why he couldn't care less about the engineered drivers paying for their drive. He had an artificial leg that was golden in color. I know somewhere C3PO must be limping but I kept quiet and said I was in no hurry. That however got Enki agitated and he slammed the gears and released the brakes and took out 2 colored markers and redrew the skylines with the cab now above the city. Soon we were out of Marina Bay and I strained to look down for De Niro, somewhere in a boat, having a good time. The ERPs? Enki erased them and promised to feature a mutant version in his next trilogy.

Enki Bilal, last seen heading for Pasir Ris to pick up a kidnapped engineer.