Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The concept of the image of God entails an essential determination, but this determination is conceivable only if what is created, the human part, is already disposed to it. Yet such a disposition can be affirmed only in light of a basic virtual connection between the human and divine. The image of God presupposes the immanence of the divine in the infinite, or the human kinship to deity. So, one and all, we are all held captive. Coded. There is no escaping the determination of the religious power and their fanatical followers in propogating this supposed deity-human kinship which is as old as Sumerian mythology and beyond. That leaves no room for doubts. There is no escape. Because doubting indicate and inform that you are made of real flesh and real blood and that gives you a dizzy feeling, even when lying down. It's amplified by a certain state of panic, the least significant effect of which is the total inability to accept any other reality except that which you have been informed. Are you tired of being lied to? The coded existence is manifested in obsessive demands for narrow uniformity. We have seen that here.

Coversations & Agenda, Troeltsch/Enki Bilal

Pablo, 2008 (Bolivia)