Monday, July 21, 2008

The Sienkiewicz Experience

Time was, buying a Sienkiewicz book (preferebly plotted/scripted by Miller) was like getting your hands on that rare rock album with the killer album cover. That was before trade-reprints and hardcover-omnibuses. My first encounter with Sienkiewicz was seeing some of his panels reproduced in magazines and books. I never had any complete book showcasing his artwork. Then one day I was in Pltypus' place in SIN. He showed me "Daredevil: Love And War". The EPIC original (he's fuckin' smug that he still owns this masterpiece). The visuals blew me away. Kingpin drawn not as a human juggernaut (ala Romita) but as a huge mass of something that blends into the rest of the room, swallowing up everything. The feeling was like this was Kingpin's world and we're just living in it. He did not just eat up the scenery. He was the scenery. Daredevil floated over buildings carrying a girl in his arms. You could almost feel the wind in your eyes. Bill's art wasn't about realism (Neal Adams), cartoony (John Byrne) or mere psychedelia (Jim Steranko). Bill's art was all his own. A cornucopia of madness, genius and well, whatever he could get his hands on (many panels looked like he built it from spiderwebs and strings, rather than drawn with pencils!) Pltypus took me to Tower Records and introduced me to the Jimi Hendrix Biography by Bill Sienkiewicz. I picked up the book not long after, along with "Daredevil: In Love And War" (that reprints both "Love And War" and "Elektra: Assassin"). Like I said, it wasn't the usual comix experience. It was like getting a ticket into the coolest rock-festival in the universe. It was like owning a piece of poplorica. It was, for lack of a better word, cool... [read an interview with Bill Sienkiewicz]


pltypus said...

Them damn squids will get you! May you lived a thousand orgies in your cthulu nights. No, you will not die. You will be fucked senseless until a sotong you become. Only a sotong will sell off Elektra: Lives Again. Sotong!

Cikgu Screwtape said...

Them damn squids already got me. They got me in 2003-2005. They got me again earlier this year. Some of them are posing as Evangelical Elites. Some of them posed as friends and offered me jobs. Some of them kidnapped my *real* parents and had them replaced by sotong-parents who wanted to rape my kids and bleed me dry (then hang me out to dry).

I went to Elektra's grave today. Hugged the tombstone like Matt Murdock did so many years ago. Elektra will live again. ELEKTRAAAAAAAA!

~ Edmund

p/s - Those were really dark days. I sold everything I owned just to make ends meet. Cut my heart like a knife every single time. Sometimes when I'm lucky, I get to buy one or two books back. Like recovering broken shards of my life.....