Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Mr Ellis, I Presume...?"

Mr Ellis tells the truth even when he's lying and lies even when he's telling the truth. Pltypus is an avid reader of Ellis. I'm planning to pick up some of his works later this month. Possibly start with his prose novel "Crooked Little Vein" before moving on to "Faith In Monsters". Not ready for "Transmetropolitan" yet. Pltypus is still holding on to his set of TPBs. La Tey is lost in the Forgotten Realms. I'm hunting fake pltypuses who consider Playboy and Penthouse as porn (my boy, you have no idea what is porn!) while spending too much time as an unwanted voyeur here at Jeremiah's. It's another long week. I'm just recovering from 80s nostalgia (blame it on that stupid Nostalgorithm article in July's Wired magazine) and am popping pills to stay awake at work. Germs in my stomach causing an embarrassing amount of burping and flatulence. Finally, I still think that Iron Maiden is the greatest band in the history of the human race.

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Pablo said...

Platty started me on Czerny as a Sun Tzu re-education before flipping me Atmospherics - an early attempt at weird.

The humor came in the package of TranMet before the world was turned upside down in Hellblazer and the one shots attachment - man, Ellis can get down and dirty if he wanted to! Delano 0 Ellis 2

Global Frequency show works in progress and ideas that was fully used elsewhere.

Best tip from Platty - read Ellis prose Come In Alone before anything else.