Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scared Stiff Confessions

Spent the whole evening scared stiff because of all the demons sent by Pltypus (the true one - be afraid, be very afraid) to torment some stupid fat tuition teacher in Puchong. Fortunately, I'm no longer giving tuition in Puchong so the demons probably got the wrong guy! Haha! But another teacher was out-of-duty yesterday so I had to take over five of her classes. Dead tired by the end of the work-night and my boss got me Nandos Chicken for dinner.

Went home and celebrated Superman's 70th Birthday by re-watching Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns" on DVD. Saw the pics of people celebrating in the streets in Illinois. Lots of fat people (like me) dressed up as Supes. Kinda like a whole town acting like the blokes in "Confessions of a Superhero". Anyway, I did it my own way and watched the Bryan Singer movie instead. Never liked it before but appreciated it a little better late last night. Even cried a little when Supes took Lois flying again (with the instrumental "Can You Read My Mind" playing in the background). But I still couldn't finish the whole movie. Stopped watching at the point where Richard White, Lois Lane and the kid fell into the sea. The movie kinda lost its momentum by that point so I decided to go upstairs to sleep instead.

La Tey is in the Land of Smiles again. I'm having the second best thing. A cup of Vienna in Black Canyon Coffee brought in straight from Thailand. Lots of work to catch up on later today. This is my down-time and I'm making the most of it.

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