Saturday, July 26, 2008


10 days since my last morphine delirium,
the dark has set in on my biomechanicks.
Like a pre-cyber day stop animation
i am crawling instead of blue screen soaring
my man of steel, a dead weight
my dark knight, afraid of shadows
my hell's kitchen avenger, deaf
my armour, rust coated
10 days since my last morphine delirium,
reality is an unbearable vacuum

Outside my window, a topical mynah hops from branch to branch.
The trees a network of connective bridges for food, rest and procreation.
I wonder if the birds would exchange flight for a human lifetime?
The mynah saw me and offered a chirp.
Man has dreamt of flight from time immemorial
from the fool who strap on mechanical wings
to the other who flew in a ball of fire
Who would give up flight for a weighted existence filled with
the burden of birth
the burden of youth
the burden of ideals
the burden of anti ideals
the burden of love
the burden of hate
the burden of union
the burden of separation
the burden of education
the burden of ignorance
the burden of middle age
the burden of having
the burden of wanting
the burden of dreaming
the burden of waking
the burden of life
the burden of death
the burden of release

Man, born to move
finds himself in a world
that does it utmost to hinder movement.

Man in flight

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